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A generational movement Ratnavali Arts was started by Ajay Sharma in the year 2007. The entrepreneurial journey of Mr Ajay Sharma and the story of how Ratnavali Arts were created and grown to the charm it is today is beyond words. We are a multicultural business, inclusive of all cultures, and people from different nations who arrive at our door, keeping our Rajasthani roots alive.Providing the best of the designs, and high-quality semi-precious and precious jewellery, we have been loved by thousands over the years.

The force of nature Mr Ajay Sharma, our late founder holds the highest honour of also founding a jewellery museum in Jaipur “Khazana Mahal”. Following in the footsteps of our founder, and the influence he left in this world, the next generation of Ratnavali Arts our carving their way towards an amalgamation of the modern and the heritage bits of Jaipur to create something exemplary.

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The legacy of Mr Ajay Sharma now lives with his wife, Mrs Chanchal Sharma and children Aniket, Yashvi, and Sakshi, and with the support of his son-like nephew Mr Anil Sharma. Now together we will take this business to a new level. We promise that our quality and your experience will be amazing. We welcome you to look at the jewelry as we do, beautiful, experimental & novel. To provide our customers with the best quality service, we have gathered a team of passionate experts and innovators who are dedicated to their work.

As our company is on the path where everything is done in-house, from stone-cutting to designing to manufacturing to quality control and fulfilment. We cannot wait to share our world with you, a future that looks inclusive, where we support the women in the community, leading to their empowerment to our conscious steps towards conserving the environment & our experiences with making jewellery accessible digitally through our online market and soon: metaverse.


Khazana Mahal is a unique museum of Jaipur fully dedicated to Gems and Jewelry, and they desire to leave behind the footprints of our forefathers who developed this trade in the city and to showcase that heritage. The museum has been a part of our lives for a long time, and it is our pleasure to be a member. We have displayed some beautiful antique jewellery pieces.

Lifetime Member of Jewellers Association Jaipur, with the help of them we exhibit our products worldwide.