Ratnavali Arts is a place where exquisite craftsmanship meets the allure of precious metals and gemstones. We take great pride in being a leading silver jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur, specializing in the creation of mesmerizing pieces that showcase the beauty of silver, gold and gemstones. With a focus on quality and innovation, we are renowned as a trusted name in the industry of Jewellery manufacture. At Ratnavali Arts, we believe that every piece of jewellery should be a work of art. Our team of skilled artisans and craftsmen brings together traditional techniques and contemporary designs to produce exceptional silver jewellery. From intricate silver rings adorned with vibrant gemstones to elegant silver earrings that effortlessly enhance your style, we offer a diverse range of products that cater to every taste and occasion. As a gemstone silver ring manufacturer, we understand the significance of selecting the finest gemstones. We meticulously source gemstones from trusted suppliers to ensure that each stone meets our stringent quality standards. Whether you desire a dazzling sapphire, a vibrant emerald, or a captivating ruby, our gemstone silver rings embody both luxury and sophistication. As proud silver earring wholesalers, we cater to retailers and businesses looking to stock their shelves with stunning silver earrings. Our extensive collection features an array of designs, from delicate studs to glamorous chandelier earrings. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we offer wholesale silver earrings that are sure to captivate your customers and enhance your business. Based in the enchanting city of Jaipur, known for its rich heritage in jewellery making, we stand among the finest silver manufacturers in Jaipur. Our location allows us to draw inspiration from the city's artistic traditions while incorporating modern techniques. We leverage our expertise and resources to create timeless pieces that reflect our passion for craftsmanship and the timeless beauty of silver.


Khazana Mahal is a unique museum of Jaipur fully dedicated to Gems and Jewelry, and they desire to leave behind the footprints of our forefathers who developed this trade in the city and to showcase that heritage. The museum has been a part of our lives for a long time, and it is our pleasure to be a member. We have displayed some beautiful antique jewellery pieces.

Lifetime Member of Jewellers Association Jaipur, with the help of them we exhibit our products worldwide.